FreeBSD jails: the bare hands way

Many things have changed since my previous post about FreeBSD jails. Warden seems not that much used, and it’s alternative iocage is deprecated. Hence, based on ideas from this post I ventured on a rewarding way of setting jails manually. Setup exec.start += "/bin/sh /etc/rc"; exec.stop += "/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown"; exec.clean; mount.devfs; mount.fdescfs; mount.procfs; allow.raw_sockets = 1; allow.mount; allow.mount.zfs; enforce_statfs = 1; devfs_ruleset = 4; path = "/usr/jails/$name"; # snip torrente { host.

xelatex in Org-mode 8+

Since I’ve switched to spacemacs I started moving more and more of my workflows in Emacs, org-mode specifically. One of my big items (kept in org-mode) is actually moving this blog from markdown to .org format, but that is not the topic of this post. The topic is how to use xelatex from Org-mode’s export, or even more precise, how to be able to switch between different processors per file basis.

Protip: Notes in your zsh prompt

I tend to follow good practices. For example, commit certain things in a particular git branch, that should be re-based of another branch that tracks the upstream. However, sometimes I just forget that, especially after not working on that particular code base for a long time, and do a commit in a wrong branch. Git is forgiving, but I wanted more, I wanted to avoid making that mistake in the first place.